Shirdi Dress Code and Online darshan booking

Shirdi Temple Dress Code and Online Darshan Booking

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Shirdi Temple Dress Code

As common practice, it is customary to dress according to locally prevailing norms while visiting traditional temples in India. This is relevant in Shirdi Saibaba temple also. There had been no mandatory dress code before November 2020 at Shirdi Saibaba Mandir. The Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan Trust, in November 2020, announced a new set of Shirdi temple dress code guidelines for devotees to follow, while coming inside the temple. These guidelines says that:

  • Those visiting the temple should avoid wearing short or revealing clothes.
  • Those wearing half pants, frocks, minis, half pants and such dress may be stopped from entering inside the temple.
  • Those wearing extremely tight clothes also may not be able to get entry inside the temple.

While wearing Indian dress is not mandatory, it would be prudent to dress in moderate and conservative clothing when you are visiting the Sai Baba Mand

Shirdi Online Darshan Booking

The normal way to visit the temple for Darshan is to stand in a queue and this is free for everybody.  However, if you want to avoid long queues, you can register and avail the Shirdi online darshan booking at in the Saibaba Sansthan Trust Website (click here) At this website, bookings for various  VIP Darshan facilities are available after making necessary payments.  The entry for VIP Darshan is through Gate No 1 where your identification would be checked.  The VIP Darshan would cost Rs 200. If you want to participate in the early morning Kakada Arti the payment is Rs. 600.  For the Noon, evening and night Arti the payment is  Rs 400 each.  If you are really in a hurry, you can also pay Rs. 1500 and avail the facility for quick Darshan.(These rates are effective from March 2016. Please check Saibaba Sansthan Trust Website (click here) for any subsequent changes. You can also directly purchase Darshan tickets at the VIP gate.  This facility may not be available on Thursday due to heavy rush.

Make it a rewarding experience

When you are visiting Shirdi Saibaba temple it may be convenient to wear comfortable conservative clothing adhering to Shirdi temple dress code. If you are in a hurry, you can avail the Shirdi online darshan booking facilities at the temple website. This would make your visit to Shirdi Saibaba Temple a highly rewarding experience. It may be mentioned here that many temples in India including Guruvayur Temple and Mookambika Devi Temple have dress codes for devotees to enter the temple.

Where to stay in Shirdi

There are different  types places to stay in Shirdi suiting  your budget and convenience.   This include various  dharamsalas, motels and different type of hotels suiting your spending capacity where you can choose from luxurious AC rooms to ordinary non-AC rooms. 

Shirdi Saibaba Sanathan Trust also offers different places to stay at Shirdi for which you can make online booking at their website (Click Here).  The rooms are provided at Sai Ashram Bhaktanivas, Dwarawati Bhaktinivas and Sai Baba Bhakta Niwassthan.   The rooms are available for charges as low as Rs.250.  However, you may have to do the booking several days in advance to get the accommodation of your choice

Since devotees of Saibaba of Shirdi comes from all over the world and there is heavy traffic throughout the year, it would be wise to book your places of stay at Shirdi several days in advance

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