Anikode Anjumoorthy Temple – Ideal Place for Shraddha

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Anikode Anjumoorthy temple is a beautiful vedic temple situated at the bank of scenic Nila river at Anikode village within 10 KM from Palakkad town. The Anchu moortis (five dieties) worshipped at this temple are Maha Ganapathy, Mahadeva Shiva, Maha Tripura Sundari, Maha Vishnu and Swami Ayyappan. Nila river which flows near the temple is worshipped as holy river Ganga. This makes the temple ideal place for Shraddha and Pitru Tharpana.

Shraddha and related Rituals

The rituals performed in Anikode Anjumoorthy temple include Karkitaka Vavu Bali in the month of Karkitakam (July – August) and Pitru Yagnam in Thulam (October-November). All the rituals related to Shraddham and Pitru Tarmanam are performed here every day between 5:30 AM to 10 AM. All the arrangements for these rituals are made by the temple itself. The experienced and extremely helpful Pujaries guide you through the rituals in a soul touching manner. Though a small fee is charged for making arrangements for the rituals, the Pujaries do not accept any direct offerings (dakshinas). However, there is a tray in which you can place whatever dakshina you want to offer . Though increasing number of people are arriving there for post death rituals, the temple priests are managing the devotees very well.

Anikode Anjumoorthy Temple History

It is said that this temple is around 1100 years old. The temple was in a dilapidated condition for over 75 years and renovated in 2008 CE. This was done by a group of devotees led by Shri Syam Chaitanya. The temple now even has a Vedic learning centre Sandeepany Sadhanalaya which imparts Veda education to young aspirants. There is a small restaurant attached to the temple complex where home made food is available.

The Five Moorthies

Ananda Maha Ganapathy
Ananda Maha Ganapathy Main deity of Anjumoorthy temple

The main middle temple is devoted to Ananda Maha Ganapathy facing west. It is said that the face of the Maha Ganapathy is turned to one side to hear the prayers of devotees. The deity has a snake around its waist and the position of the right leg indicate removal of obstacles.

Mahadeva Shiva temple, facing east, is in the form of Banalinga. It is worshipped as Uma Maheswaran. You can take water from the temple well and offer to the deity. The divine presence of Goddess Parvati is in the right of the deity and Goddess Ganga on the left. The usual Nandi Vigranam can be found in front of Shiva Temple.

The third temple is devoted to Goddess Maha Tripura Sundari, a combination of Goddess Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati. The moorty, which is standing, has a lotus in her hand. The temple also faces east.

The fourth deity is that of Maha Vishnu, in his usual standing posture, holding his Conch, Sudarshan Chakra, Gadha and Padmam. This temple too faces east.

The fifth temple is that of Swami Ayyappa wearing jatamukudam. Ayyappa is in the Padmasana Posture holding a vessel containing Amruta. This temple too faces west.

Dress Code

Anikode Anjumoorthy Temple does not impose any dress restrictions. However the male devotees who come here usually wear a dhoti. While performing rituals the men are not allowed to wear upper garments.

Why to Visit Anikode Anjumoorthy Temple

The presence of the Divine in its five forms, serene and beautiful surroundings, nearby Nila river and clean and efficient management makes this temple an ideal place for Shraddham, Pitru Darpanam and other rituals. Even a simple visit to this temple is spiritually uplifting. Click here for Anikode Anjumoorthy Temple location on the Google Maps

For Enquiries please contact Shri Shyam Chaitanya Melshanti at 9447354285

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